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If you still have a question, Please contact us at 231-799-6801.

How can I schedule an inspection?

Call us at (231) 799-6801


How do I verify my Builder is Licensed

Ask for a Copy.

"Click" the following link:

Call our office, we will check the Registration by City Building Division 231-799-6801

Where can I order Code Books?
You an order your code books at go to the Store on website
Are there any other regulatory agency approvals required for permitting?

The following regulatory agencies may need to review and approve plans prior to the issuance of a permit by the City. 

MDNRE Michigan Department of Natural resources for Dunes, Wetlands & commercial demolition.

SESC Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control for development over one acre or within 500' of any water of the State (Stream, Lakes, drainage ditch)

NSDPW Norton Shores Department of Public works for Right of Way permits & for Sewer & Water

NSFD Norton Shores Fire Department for plan review

Muskegon County Health Department for Septic, Wells & food service

Department of Agriculture for pre-packaged foods & manufacturing of food products.

To determine which regulatory agencies are required for your desired permit, please contact the Norton Shores Building Department at 231-799-6801.

You are working in the vicinity of an airport, you may require a Form 7460-1 with an accompanying map.

Note: if a “Crane or Pump truck” is extending above the tree line you need to obtain permission 30 days in advance.