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City of Norton Shores

Mission, Vision, Values Statements
Adopted June 6, 2006




Mission Statement:


The Mission of the City of Norton Shores is to provide effective and efficient services that afford our residents every opportunity to experience an exceptional quality of life.  We strive to create a diverse and welcoming community under the leadership of visionary individuals who work well together in a professional, team-oriented environment.


Vision Statement:


The City of Norton Shores is a municipality committed to providing:

  • A high quality of life for residents to enjoy;
  • A safe and secure community;
  • Services of the highest quality at the lowest cost achieved through efficient operations and a dedication to innovation;
  • Long-term economic and environmental sustainability;
  • Opportunities for citizens to be actively involved in the process of governing; and
  • Continuous, positive development of our elected and appointed citizen leadership.   

Statement of Core Values:


The City of Norton Shores will:

  • Operate in an open and accessible manner
  • Display a positive attitude toward and be respectful of our citizens, neighbors, and visitors
  • Consistently be willing to explore opportunities for inter-governmental collaboration and cooperation
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to the natural environment
  • Emphasize innovation, creativity, and efficiency in our operations while anticipating and addressing issues raised by our citizens
  • Seek out and hire individuals who are committed to public service
  • Treat both our external and internal customers with the same level of respect and commitment to service
  • Respond with equal promptness and concern to all requests for service and/or assistance from city residents
  • Be good stewards of our financial, human, facility, and infra-structure resources  

Attributes of Norton Shores:

  • Place where residents feel safe and secure
  • Enjoy a high quality of life
  • Community is good steward of its natural resources
  • Sustainable  economy with good job opportunities for residents
  • Good educational system
  • Social, economic, and cultural diversity
  • Young people desire to remain in and return to the City
  • The City is able to sustain a high quality of services to residents through outstanding customer service at the lowest cost through its emphasis on innovation and achieving high degrees of efficiency in service delivery
  • Residents willing/eager to re-invest in the community and city has consistent history of economic appreciation
  • City works diligently to encourage citizen involvement in the governing process and to develop future leaders through involvement in City projects, training, and education